How ClairiTech Innovations’ advanced technology products solve Crawlspace Ventilation Problems!

Crawlspace Ventilation   -   Common Problems


Picture7Crawlspaces tend to have high humidity, bad smells, and poor air quality;

Picture7Moisture nourishes mold, odors, and pesky insects;

Picture7Moisture causes structural damage, such as wood rot in beams and floors, that can be devastating to a home’s foundation;

Picture7Radon gas and toxic vapors enter the crawlspace from the ground, which are harmful to family’s health;

Picture7Natural air flow pulls the problematic air upstairs into the living areas;

Crawlspace Ventilation   -   Common Solutions


Picture17Foundation vents are designed to let air into the crawlspace: moist outside air comes right back in and aggravates the problems, failing to help lower humidity;

Picture17Dehumidifiers are the most popular approach for attempting to remove excess moisture… but they are costly to run and require a way to get rid of the condensed water produced. And they do not expel toxic vapors or improve air quality!


Picture17Encapsulation: a vapor barrier is installed on the floor and continued up to the foundation wall to keep out moisture …, but it only helps with moisture infiltration, not with trapped indoor moisture and moisture saturated within the walls! It also does not create the necessary air exchanges that expel odors and improve IAQ (indoor air quality)!

ClairiTech Innovation's Approach 

23The ventilation system first measures the relative humidity and calculates the Dew Point of the space to determine how much air to exhaust. It then expels moisture, odors, stagnant air, and indoor pollutants as well as Radon Gas and toxic vapors entering the crawlspace from the ground.


23Simultaneously an equal amount of warmer, drier, and fresher air is brought down from upstairs to replenish the air and maintain balanced air pressure.


23The ventilation system creates permanent air circulation to prevent the formation of condensation phenomena, reducing mold activity as well as avoiding stack effect.

It reverses natural air flow so that damp polluted air doesn’t go upstairs and creates air exchanges that improve IAQ (indoor air quality) for the whole house.

A healthier home starts with the inside. Don’t live with a musty, damp crawlspace any longer …

Because Clean Air matters with every breath!

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