Today, the student accommodation industry must deal with an audience or clientele whose motivational factors for a choice of accommodation include the availability of an increasingly advanced technological environment, but also a superior general quality of its accommodation due to its prolonged presence.

In an abundant supply that is easy to access and a highly competitive market, it is important to distinguish and emerge.

At the same time, owners, whether individual or collective, have a common objective in optimizing their investment by:
  1. The rental yield
  2. The asset value
  3. The repair and maintenance costs
  4. The rate of attractiveness relative to the competition
  5. The improvement of the classification of their accommodation.

Third, the management companies of these student housing units, which are to serve the two previous populations:
  1. The obligation to provide tenants with conditions of accommodation and services prone to attract and retain tenants in relation to competing accommodation products.
  2. The need to ensure that landlords have physical and financial occupancy rates in order to meet return on investment objectives, while avoiding rental deficiencies and covering the functional costs of residences.
  3. The satisfaction of these two audiences to optimize the offer as well as the rental yield.

All of this seems perfectly contradictory when one evaluates the rating of a dwelling according to these three visions.

At ClairiTech Innovations we design, develop and manufacture products that address the concerns of all players involved in the student accommodation industry:

  1. Indoor air treatment equipment that provides healthy conditions of optimal comfort all year round.
  2. An advanced technology incorporated in Internet of Things environment that allows the manager to remotely check the indoor air quality conditions of each apartment, and to be warned of serious issues before they become a problem even without being present at the location,
  3. An air quality control system which has capability to address excess of moisture, CO concentration abnormally high, or the possible occurrence of condensation!
  4. A product that protects the property investment, enhances the quality of the accommodation while preventing any deterioration due to a lack of control of condensation phenomena.
  5. An intelligence that optimizes energy expenditure by detecting the occupancy or non-occupancy conditions of accommodation, and alert when inconsistent inside temperatures are detected.

myHome® is an exclusive Internet of Things application designed for all ClairiTech Innovations product lines, unique dual-core ERV+HRV on North American market include.

myHome® empowers Property Management Companies to monitor, control, and modify the settings on units remotely from anywhere in the world and to stay aware of possible issues.

It’s incredibly easy-to-use and is included with the ventilation system. The mobile application also has the ability to manage multiple units regardless of locations.

myHome® conveniently alleviates these concerns with our patented technologies to fit your needs, so you can stay up to date on how to manage your ventilation system and keep indoor air clean, healthy, and fresh, because indoor air quality matters with every breath!

We're always looking for trusted partners to join the ClairiTech team.

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