Why ClairiTech’s Clean Air Technology is better

The ClairiTech moisture control and ventilation systems you install are reliable, require virtually no maintenance, use minimal energy, and have strong warranties. They are patented with proven results, and HVI accredited.

Clairitech 2 indoor air

Save your customers money on electricity, costly repair bills, and mold remediation. Create a healthier indoor environment with better air quality in their homes or recreational properties, especially in troublesome areas like basements, crawlspaces, and garages.

With the average North American spending 90% of their time indoors, your customers are looking for smarter, more economical solutions like Humidex all-season, all-climate, moisture control and ventilation systems that ensure the air they breathe at home is the best it can be.

ClairiTech’s advanced clean air technology systems will:

  • eliminate musty smells
  • prevent mold and mildew buildup
  • exhaust indoor air pollutants, allergens and irritants
  • dry up moist, damp walls and floors
  • stop condensation on windows
  • reduce structural damage
  • optimize indoor air quality
  • provide respiratory, asthma, and allergy relief

As a property manager working to preserve a major investment, or as a distributor, contractor, or renovator helping clients improve their indoor air quality, choosing and installing the right Humidex system is your first step to a happy outcome. Guaranteed for years to come.

Industry leading whole home solution

Clairitech’s unique moisture control and air exchanging Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV/HRV) system features a double hybrid core designed to improve the air quality throughout the home.

This system is the only product in the market that features both an ERV and an HRV core, recovering energy from stale air and transferring it to the fresh air.


For Builders

guarantees a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment, enhancing your reputation and protecting your customer’s investment over the long run

For Renovators

from century homes to newer builds, provides a simple, affordable way to create more livable space and added storage room

For Homeowners

enjoy your home like never before, with the easy installation and operation of our cost effective, energy efficient, advanced clean air technology

We're always looking for trusted partners to join the ClairiTech team.

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