Continuous innovation and on-site expertise for 30+ years

ClairiTech’s onsite Research & Development capabilities ensure innovation, cost efficiency and performance for years to come.

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Since its first unit in 1989, we have been committed to continuously enhancing our line of patented products, with features like intelligent software and smart technology.

From the first moisture control system we created over two decades ago to our new digital HCVs and our industry leading ERV/HRV air exchanging system, ClairiTech Innovations continues to evolve.

ClairiTech’s on-site R&D team of engineers and innovators are always looking to lead with greater designs and smarter systems.

Over the years, ClairiTech has had many partnership opportunities with surrounding educational institutions such as the Université de Moncton. We value the contribution they have made to our advanced clean air technology.

Raouf Brahim, M Sc A

R&D Department Manager
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We're always looking for trusted partners to join the ClairiTech team.

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