It’s all about saving

Awareness about environmental sustainability is more important than ever to conscientious consumers. From the very beginning, all of ClairiTech’s products have been designed with energy efficiency in mind.

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All of ClairiTech’s innovative moisture control ventilation systems use very little electricity, costing less than $5 a month, on average. Compare that to a dehumidifier, which averages at least $50 a month, using 10x the amount of electricity. That not only helps save the environment, the money saved over the years helps it virtually pay for itself.

Every ClairiTech moisture control and ventilation unit is a “green” machine that not only cleans up the indoor air, it is reduces the homeowner’s carbon footprint. It also prevents moldy construction material and household goods from going to landfill.

Sustainability and actively supporting environmentally friendly solutions are guiding principles for the team at ClairiTech.

We're always looking for trusted partners to join the ClairiTech team.

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