Do you have customers experiencing moisture problems and desperately needing an easy solution?

How many times have you seen a dehumidifier in your client’s home? This is a sure sign they recognize that they have a moisture problem.

  1. Install a Humidex system at their places and stamp out musty, polluted, damp air trapped in crawlspaces, basements, apartments, cottages… in fact anywhere indoor air quality is a concern!
  2. Satisfy their needs by introducing them to Humidex. Earn their appreciation when they realize they don’t have to empty any water buckets and pay high electricity bills anymore!

At ClairiTech Innovations, we are all committed serving you in the best of your interest, making your ventilation experiences a successful story and a profitable business activity!

Whether you are building new homes, renovating an existing one, or fixing a problem, Humidex products help you out by providing sustainable and efficient solutions to your customers who are faced with musty basements, damp crawlspaces, smelly apartments, or having no prop vented garages.

Take advantages of our over 30 accomplished years of experience being placed at your own benefit.

You may stay focus on sales and to new consumers' requests since we are handling the rest, after sales services included.

Humidex value proposition

  • Start into the ventilation industry market for residentials using a well-known brand
  • High-end quality product, reliable and efficient technologies standing amount other competitors’ products
  • All our clients are only professional customers as you are
  • Any referrals nearby your location will be forwarded
  • All marketing tools you might need are available free of charge
  • As a trusted dealer, your company's details are available for homeowners on Humidex Website, helping leads find your company more easily
  • Long term relationship.
  • Always looking for innovative and daring solutions to help increase your customer sales and satisfaction.

Humidex products truly stand out as a reference in the ventilation industry for the sale of products intended for professionals.

To know our best prices and more informations please contact us by phone at 1-800-416-9111 or Email Us

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