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    Our systems proven to reduce the concentration of radon gas in homes.
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  • Excellence and advancement in clean air technology

    The goal is clear. For over 25 years, ClairiTech Innovations has been committed to the continuous advancement of its clean air technology and moisture control systems. 

    Today, ClairiTech's patented indoor ventilation products can be found in thousands of homes across the US and Canada.
  • Why care about indoor air?

    On average, North Americans spend close to 90% of their time indoors. Clean indoor air is essential for good health.

    That’s where ClairiTech can make a clear difference.

    ClairiTech’s advanced clean air technology make indoor space more comfortable, more usable and healthier to live in.
ClairiTech Innovations has been developing innovative clean air technologies for over 25 years. Our head office and manufacturing facility is located near Moncton, New Brunswick.


All season, all climate, moisture control and ventilation systems

What started as a basement solution has expanded to include a comprehensive whole home solution, as well as specially designed units for apartments, garages, sheds and crawlspaces.

European influenced and North American manufactured, all ClairiTech units are quiet, energy efficient, and economical, requiring little or no maintenance.

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Total support for every system we design and manufacture

Excellent customer service has always been key to ClairiTech’s success.

Whether you are a builder, renovator or homeowner, trust ClairiTech to take care of you, your unit’s performance and any warranty issues for many years ahead.

We support our dealers every step of the way.

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Continuous innovation and on-site expertise for 25+ years

ClairiTech’s onsite Research & Development capabilities ensure innovation, cost efficiency and performance for years to come.

Since we built our first unit in 1989, ClairiTech has been committed to creating new patents while continuously enhancing our line of products, with features like intelligent software and smart technology.

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