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Introduce your customers to our newest, smartest, most convenient, digital line of units ever! Humidex myHome!

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Cure your customer’s mold problem before it begins.

Did you know?

ClairiTech’s patented indoor ventilation products can be found in thousands of homes across the US and Canada. New distributors wanted for our patented ventilation systems.

Did you know?

Whether you are a builder, renovator or homeowner, trust ClairiTech to take care of you, your unit’s performance and any warranty issues for many years ahead.

Did you know?

On average, North Americans spend close to 90% of their time indoors. Clean indoor air is essential for good health. Make sure your customers have our patented ventilation products.
Clean up musty, damp, moldy basements and crawlspaces. Eliminate bad smelling air in homes, condos and apartments! ClairiTech is committed to clean air technology and moisture control solutions, through the continuous advancement of our patented and proven, HVI accredited products...

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Eliminate musty smells, reduce moisture damage and mold. Create healthier, drier, more usable spaces.

The Humidex moisture control and ventilation systems you supply and install are reliable, require virtually no maintenance, use minimal energy, and have strong warranties.

Whether your customer has a small condo or a large house, a smelly crawlspace or a damp basement, or even a garage where condensation is ruining the windows, you and ClairiTech can create a healthier, better, indoor air environment. Save your customers money on electricity, mold remediation, and costly repair bills!



We support our partners every step of the way.

Whether you are a distributor, builder, renovator, or property manager, ClairiTech will take good care of you. Count on excellent customer service and total support for every system we design and manufacture.

HVI certification is added assurance they have been independently tested and meet your high standards..



Continuous innovation and on-site expertise for 25+ years.

ClairiTech’s Research & Development capabilities ensure innovation, cost efficiency and performance for years to come.

Since we built our first unit in 1989, ClairiTech has been committed to creating new patents while continuously enhancing our line of products with digital features like intelligent software and smart technology.

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Energy efficient responsibility

It’s all about saving
Being energy efficient is not only good for the environment, ClairiTech’s moisture control and ventilation systems keep money in your customers’ pockets year after year. From savings on their electric bills to preventing moldy construction material and household goods from going to landfill, tell them to think of their unit as a “green” machine!


Easy online warranty registration

Give your customers complete peace of mind with ClairiTech Innovations’ up to 5-Year Limited Warranty.
Whichever Humidex unit your clients choose, they can register their Humidex warranty right here online, so it’s easy to access should they ever need it.

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